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Introducing The YOLK Solar Paper

What is the YOLK Solar Paper?

The YOLK Solar Paper is the world’s first solar charger that can be placed inside your note or planner. It is a paper thin and ultra light weight solar charger that is revolutionizing the portable solar industry. Solar paper can charge almost any device that recharges via USB. This includes smartphones, tablets, walkie talkies, flashlights, portable game consoles, cameras, video cameras, rechargeable batteries, and more.

Solar Paper measures just 9 x 19 x 1.1 cm when folded, and weighs only 4 oz. Watt-for-watt, it is 85 percent smaller than the closest competitor and 75 percent lighter. Solar Paper is also just 1.1 cm deep, which is quite impressive. In short, this thing is unbelievably light.

Where can I get the YOLK Solar Paper?

The Solar Paper is currently only available by backing the project through it’s Kickstarter campaign. I would also keep an eye on the Facebook page to see where it will become available after the Kickstarter campaign has ended.

It looks like prices will range anywhere from $80 – $300.

Below are some pictures of the new device. It’s just as sleek and attractive as it is innovative!


YOLK-Solar-Paper-1 YOLK-Solar-Paper-2 YOLK-Solar-Paper-3 YOLK-Solar-Paper-4 YOLK-Solar-Paper-5 YOLK-Solar-Paper-6

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