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The Man Purse Revolution Is Upon Us

The man purse has always been a much debated carrying item. The term man purse is often associated as a negative one and may be one of the reasons for its lack of popularity amongst the male population. Well, NutSac Bags is looking to change all of that. NutSac Bags has introduced the Man-Purse-Dammit (MPD) and so far it seems to be shedding some new light on the man purse name and the overall acceptance of it.

Greg Kise is the founder of NutSac Bags, LLC and Matt David is the man of mystery behind the marketing and is also Greg’s right hand man. These two men started by creating the wonderful NutSac Disc Golf Bags that you have likely seen in stores and on disc golf courses around the United States, especially the Pacific Northwest. NutSac Disc Golf Bags gathered a loyal following quickly, established a quality reputation, and that’s when Greg and Matt decided to venture out in another market- The Man Purse market (and other bag markets too.)

NutSac Bags are made in the United States with American top-grain leather and waxed canvas. There are a total of four bags available- The MPD, Roll-Top Messenger, Satchel with leather closure, and Satchel with magnetic closure. Each bag is sewn to perfection and also comes with a lifetime guarantee, something that doesn’t come around often these days.

Greg and Matt are also the founders of another movement, The Pocket Liberation Front. What is the Pocket Liberation Front? Well, it’s a movement to allow men the freedom to carry a man purse or satchel to carry the cellphone and other items and help avoid emitting dangerous microwaves to the precious jewels. By jewels, I mean testicles. Yes, cellphones are possibly dangerous to the male genitalia. No kidding, you can read about it here.

Anyways, the man purse is much cooler today than it was a couple of decades ago and NutSac Bags is doing a great job of demonstrating the value of it. If you would like to join the movement and support a terrific American based business, go purchase a NutSac Bag and free your pockets of danger.

Satchel with Leather Closure

Satchel with Leather Closure

Satchel with Magnetic Closure

Satchel with Magnetic CLosure

Man-Purse-Dammit (MPD)

Man-Purse-Dammit (MPD)

Roll-Top Messenger

Roll-Top Messenger

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