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Fight Companion Podcast – Joe Rogan Experience

What is the ‘Fight Companion’ Podcast?

The ‘Fight Companion’ is a segment on the popular ‘Joe Rogan Experience‘ (JRE) that is quickly turning into a better commentary alternative for UFC events than the actual commentary at the events themselves. The podcast usually consists of Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo, Brendan Schaub, and Bryan Callen. Joe Rogan is the host of the JRE podcast and is a hilarious comedian, commentator for the UFC, and mixed martial arts practitioner himself. Joe runs the show and holds shit down like the boss that he is.
Eddie Bravo is a Brazilian jujitsu prodigy and the founder of 10th Planet Jujitsu. He is also known for his wacky, yet brilliant conspiracy theory rants and is one of my favorite human beings that I’ve never met. If you are a fan of Brazilian jujitsu and haven’t seen Eddie roll, you need to check him out immediately.
Brendan Schaub is a former (or current?) UFC Heavyweight fighter and is also a co-host of ‘The Fighter and the Kid Podcast’. Brendan hasn’t been doing podcasts for long, but he jumped into it with both feet and has made great success with it ever since. Brendan is also referred to as “Big Brown” because of his large stature and beautiful features (according to Bryan Callen.)
Bryan Callen is a stand-up comedian and co-host of ‘The Fighter and The Kid Podcast‘ with Brendan Schaub. Bryan is another one of my favorites. To put it lightly, he is hilarious. He adds much to the show and is always missed when he can’t make it. I’m not sure what it is about these four working together, but the chemistry is brilliant.

Why listen to the ‘Fight Companion’ Podcast?

Well, I have my reasons why I listen to it and I guarantee you will find your own if you give it a chance. I have been listening to the ‘Joe Rogan Experience‘ for years and the ‘Fight Companion’ has become my favorite part of it. I’m not able to listen to every podcast that Rogan releases, but I make sure I find time when a ‘Fight Companion’ is released. If you are a fan off mixed martial arts and the UFC, you may find that you like listening to these guys commentate the fights rather than listen to the live commentating for the actual event. Each one of these characters brings something interesting and hilarious to the mix and are all actually extremely educated when it comes to fighting.

So, go give the ‘Fight Companion’ a listen and subscribe to the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’. For your convenience I have added some great ‘Fight Companion” episodes below, but I also encourage you to listen and subscribe to the rest by clicking here.

Fight Companion – 2/6/2016

Fight Companion – 11/28/2015

Fight Companion – 3/8/2015

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