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Rediscover The Forest As An Animal With VR

Imagine experience the forest around you as an animal. Want to experience the life and views of a dire wolf, bird, or another furry forest creature? Well, a few folks were able to! They have the virtual reality experience created by a London-based team called “Marshmallow Laser Feast” to thank for just that. MLF used LIDAR scanners and aerial drones to capture the picturesque Grizedale forest as the animals living in it would see it. Apparently it’s so accurate that it’s even entitled In the Eyes of the Animal. The Marshmallow Laser Feast team then created a 360-degree, whimsical experience out of the footage, which people who attended the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival in the UK got to try out.

The fortunate individuals who were able to experience this alternate reality used a VR helmet that enclosed people’s faces for a truly immersive experience — yes, it came with sounds — designed to look like a tree stump.

Below are some images and above is a video of what they experienced. Hopefully one day soon we will all have the opportunity to experience something so incredible.







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