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Pencil Printer – Cartridge-Free & Erasable Printer

A cartridge-free and erasable printer may sound absurd, but it actually may be on the market sooner than later. Although it’s only a concept, it’s a pretty interesting one. I already prefer to write with a pencil, so why not print with one too?

How about a portable desktop printer that prints out pages you can erase? Beyond being a great, green and cheap alternative to buying endless colored ink cartridges, the prints themselves have a hand-made feel that only comes from that traditional graphite we all associate with hand-written letters and memos. If you need to erase anything, all you have to do is pencil the text back in. Get it, pencil? I’ll let myself out…



This pencil combining concept is a great idea, but seems a bit much and over the top. It’s essentially a piece of plastic that allows you to combine two very used pencils into one full sized one. Some may find use in it, but I use mechanical pencils for the most part anyway.


Version two of this pencil printer idea was mocked up and designed by Hoyoung Lee. This version of the pencil printer is a bit more streamlined and portable, but boils down to the same simple black/gray-on-white process. This tube-shaped design alternate plays on the aesthetic of a rolled piece of paper – and fits inside a portfolio tube just like a set of drawings or blueprints would. Pretty cool, eh?


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