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Nixie: A Wearable Drone Concept

Drones continue to evolve and are still one of the most talked about technologies as of late. As if little flying objects with cameras attached to them weren’t enough, they will soon be able to wrap around your wrist and take off when it’s told.

Nixie is a small camera-equipped drone that can be worn as a wrist band. Nixie can be activated to unfold into a quadcopter, fly in one of its pre-programmed modes to take photos or a video, and then return to the user. Competing against more than 500 other participants, Nixie’s developers became the winning team in the development track of the Intel’s Make It Wearable competition on November 3, 2014, thus securing $500,000 in seed funding to develop Nixie into a product. The developers stated their goal to develop the drone into the next generation of point-and-shoot cameras.

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