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‘Invisible’ Statues In Scottish Forests By Rob Mulholland

Rob Mulholland is a sculptor and environmental artist based in the United Kingdom who exhibits world-wide and undertakes both public and private commissions. He is known for his abstract art and sculptures. His current series of mirrored stainless steel sculptures and installations absorb their environment and reflect the constant flux of movement day by day. To many, the mirrored figures are quite spooky. This relationship with nature is further explored in Mulholland’s series of de-constructivist sculptures such as ‘ Skytower’ and ‘Random Act of De-constructivism‘ in which the natural forces of wind and gravity appear to re-shape the structural forms.

Take a look at the mirrored project below and if you ever stumble upon a human object that looks to be translucent, don’t stress it. It’s likely just some of Rob Mulholland’s finest work.







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