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Go Give The Mysterious Universe Podcast A Listen

The Mysterious Universe podcast was founded and established in 2006 by Benjamin Grundy. Benjamin is accompanied by Aaron Wright and are some of the best podcast hosts in the game. They are witty, quick to judge (in a good way), and frankly don’t give many shits.

The Mysterious Universe podcast covers subjects similar to ones that I enjoy writing about. There are episodes about Bigfoot, alien abductions, Oculus Rift experiences, children who have lived past lives, and much more. They also have guests on the show to talk about such subjects. Some of these guests are ones who claim to experience the paranormal and some are authors of books who claim to have evidence of alien hybrids roaming the Earth. No matter the guest and their potential lack of sanity, Benjamin and Aaron are sure to deliver a quality interview and make any subject interesting to the listener.

I must also note that they have excellent taste in music. Each episode has a techno-esqe song to introduce it. If it’s not actually techno and is something else like house or dubstep, please excuse my ignorance. Either way, it’s wonderful. Bless both Benjamin and Aaron (or whoever is responsible) for gracing us listeners with such eargasms.

Well, that’s enough talk from me. You should just trust me when I say the Mysterious Universe podcast is pure gold and go give it a listen. I have embedded some episodes below for your convenience but also suggest listening to them all by clicking here.


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