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The Best Of The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is known as the former Fear Factor host, comedian, UFC commentator, and the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast host. JRE is recorded live on ustream and is about as raw and real as a podcast gets. Him and his guests often discuss current world issues, mixed martial arts, psychedelic adventures, comedy, and a combination of many other topics. Brian Redban is a long time friend of Rogan and is responsible for the video and audio controls for the show. Although, Brian’s contribution to the show doesn’t just stop there! He also has some “worthy” insight to many topics being discussed and really brings a unique personality to the podcast.

Being a huge fan of UFC and mixed martial arts, I was always a fan of Joe Rogan and his commentating at UFC events. I started to listen to the Joe Rogan Experience at work to keep up on UFC news and to help distract myself from my bore of a job. I was unaware of the kind of person Rogan was outside of the UFC and how much optimism he can instill in you just by listening to his podcast! He doesn’t only talk about current and upcoming UFC news and events, but he also talks about his psychedelic experiences, his love for marijuana, and his lack of belief in ideologies and religion.  To many, these may not sound like the most enlightening topics to discuss, but they have opened up my mind and have made me re-evaluate my beliefs and my way of living.

I have gathered some of my favorite fan made video’s of the Joe Rogan Experience to share with you. Please enjoy, share, and subscribe to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast for more interesting topics that you likely won’t hear anywhere else.


Joe Rogan Experience – The Simulation Theory


Joe Rogan Experience – Rethink Your Life


Joe Rogan Experience – Be The Hero Of Your Own Story


Joe Rogan Experience – Spinning Our Wheels


Joe Rogan Experience – Keep It Together Bitches


  1. One of the greatest minds on one of today’s greatest podcasts. Say what you will about the man, but he is an inspiration.

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