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Atheism Is The Most Annoying Religion Of Them All

Okay Atheists, we get it. You don’t believe in a God.

You don’t believe in a God because there is no hard evidence that one actually exists. Some religions may argue that the world and our existence alone is enough evidence to prove that there is a God. You will then rebuttal their argument with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, and I’ll admit, that I am more on your side than I am the other. But I also don’t agree with the constant preaching of your pessimistic views of pretty much everything that God could have possibly created.

Many Atheist’s like to think of themselves as modern day philosophers and above all those that are religious, when in reality, are often obese, neck-bearded anarchists who find pain and suffering in anything that is remotely positive. I would much rather be trapped in a room with Joel Osteen than I would anyone subscribed to the r/atheist subreddit. At least Joel smiles and shaves. Even if I know the majority of the things coming out of his mouth are bullshit, I still appreciate the kind words and positive energy.

So, what’s gone wrong with atheism? The problem isn’t atheism itself, of course, which is just non-belief, a nothing, a lack of something. Rather it is the transformation of this nothing into an identity, into the basis of one’s outlook on life, which gives rise to today’s monumentally annoying atheism. The problem with today’s campaigning atheists is that they have turned their absence of belief in God into the be-all and end-all of their personality.

The truth is that nobody knows what happens when we die. We may rot in the dirt and become worm food, we may spend eternal life in Heaven, we may reincarnate into a beautiful woman’s bicycle seat, or none of the above. The “afterlife” may be something that we as humans can’t even fathom. For Atheist’s to pretend that they know what happens after we die is just as ridiculous as any other religions take on it.

So, Atheists… do us all a favor and tone it down a bit. Let people believe whatever gives them comfort.

Don’t mind this photo. I’m just trolling…

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